Welcome to the home of Legendary American Motors Magazine.

First of all, if you are one of the ~120 charter subscribers who pre-ordered Legendary American Motors Magazine, thank you for your support.

Legendary American Motors Magazine Premiere Special Edition
Premiere Special Edition

Unfortunately, we didn’t reach the goal of 400 subscribers, which is necessary to justify production of the magazine. For a time, it looked like we might have located a major corporate sponsor that would have allowed us to go forward, but that did not pan out. We are sorry that the project didn’t get off the ground. There are so many great cars to cover and stories to tell.

We will be refunding all the subscriptions. If you subscribed by PayPal, you will be receiving a check in the mail soon. If you subscribed using a credit card directly through the site, you will receive a credit for your subscription on an upcoming credit card statement. Our goal is to complete all refunds by December 31, 2017.

Preview Issue Special Edition: Still Available

The Legendary American Motors Preview Issue Special Edition is still available for purchase.